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Thanks for visiting my site! 


I’ve been involved in the recording industry for 35+ years and will continue to do so for much longer.  I’ve always viewed the recording process as the potential to capture the best musical performances.  I’m a fan of capturing the performance in a studio that makes most sense for the client.  To that end, I’ve built relationships with several studios in the Northwest and beyond…  


My focus has been in pop, jazz, neo-soul, new age and singer/songwriter material.  If you’ve been to my discography page you’ll find this quite evident. 


Clients and Artists have included Universal Music, Sony, Warner, Windham Hill, Gold Circle Entertainment, Missy Higgins, Esperanza Spalding, Everclear, Taylor John Williams, Michael Shrieve, Michael Brecker, Christopher James, Alan Jones, Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, Jarrod Lawson, Tahirah Memory, John Nilsen, Vayo, Craig Carothers, Les Gold, Nike, Microsoft, Intel… the beat goes on…


Services include…

Production - Is the song great?  How do you want your song to sound?  What are the steps needed to get there?  What studio, musicians should be used?  How do we keep this in budget?  


Recording and Mixing - So we’re in the studio, I have the tricks and shortcuts that I’ve gathered only by experience.  I have the ability to steer you away from pitfalls.  I have the skills to mix and get your final product to be sonically competitive with other music on the national stage.  I’m able to do Remote Mixing as well.  Send me your files in Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Reaper, Digital Performer and I will import them to LUNA and mix away!  You will be delivered a full mix, instrumental and all stems that are deemed necessary.  In the days of licensing your music, stems can be a critical item to have.


Orchestration - I enjoy string/woodwind/horn arranging and offering that texture to your project.


Fees - So fees are not discussed on this site for a reason.  I don’t know what you actually need until we sit down and talk.  I always like to meet with a client prior to a project… multiple times!  Only after that, can we intelligently discuss fees.  Some songs take a couple hours to finish some take days.  The goal is to walk away with your vision of your music.  We need to understand if I’m the right fit for your project and, if I’m not, I’m happy to recommend some people that might be.  


So, go ahead and e-mail me via my contact page and let’s make some awesome music!

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